The Framery 

Eli's Gallery and Framery is beyond competitive. Big box stores are unable to match our pricing, quality, craftsmanship, variety andexpert knowledge base.  The only Framery in Brown County serving local artists strengthen their incredible works of art. Feel free to make an appointment or stop by during normal business hours for a personalized consultation.


One-on-One Consultations

In the heart of the artist colony in Brown County. During yourprivate one-on-one consultation the goal is for you to find what frame compliments your piece. During your time mix and match design, compare color schemes and more. 


Variety of Products

At Eli's Framery and Gallery we are proud to offer over hundreds of designs from both Larson Juhl Custom Frames and Evald. Our collection consists of the today's best designs as well as the timeless classics. 


In house craftsmanship

All the frame work is completed by Eli at the gallery. Often visitors can see Eli crafting these beautiful frames from the windows of his studio.