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Well, maybe not all about Eli, but here are some highlights...

Eli's work can best be defined as "surreal realism". Eli's loose style, his symphony of colors, and unique brush strokes are complemented by the music he listens to when he paints. His medium is acrylic and watercolor.

Born Eli Joel Rodriguez Jr. in San Antonio - 1965, Eli's love of nature began when he was very young. He was fascinated by the Texas storms and the shapes and colors of the thunderheads. At age 8, he gladly took the responsibility of creating vibrant landscaping designs in his mother's yard. "I made the yard look like a busy artist's pallette. As long as it had color, I would plant it!"

Eli has a strong passion for the beauty and majesty in nature. He has spent many years in places such as the mountains of Santa Fe, the Colorado Rockies, and the Blue Ridge Mountains and his home town, the beautiful hills of Brown County Indiana. His work evolves from his imagination ...composed of the many glorious places he has lived and visited. The barren trees, hillside and mountains, "ancient and all-knowing", are significant themes in most all of Eli's work. Witness to several human lifetimes of history, they represent strength and majesty, having their own personalities in their shape, scars, wrinkles, size, and curvatures. The "barren tree" brings the ancient perspective of his compositions to light.

“I made the yard look like a busy artist’s pallette. As long as it had color, I would plant it!”

He has moved from the warm southern climates of the U.S to the north in Indiana.  Vising for the past 30 years, Eli and his partner Rich relocated to Nashville Indiana, a historical midwest artist colony founded in the laste 1800s.  Eli soon found himself in the longest period of "artist block" he has ever experienced!  Years passed as Eli struggled with his artistic pallete. 

After his move to Indiana, no more were the hot primary colors in the landscapes but the cooler peaceful softer colors of the Indiana countryside. Time passed and Eli retunred to his music directing the music and being the organist for the Episcopal Church. He also raises Akitas which kept him busy.  One day, Eli's father became increasingly ill.  2016 was probably the most difficult year for arttist, Eli Rodriguez.  He had lost his Aunt Ofie, his Aunt Josie, and his Aunt Lou, all of which Eli considered very close and loved dearly.  He returned to Dallas Texas to oversee his father's estate and his medical care.  Two months later, Eli Rodriguez Sr. passed away in his home with his family by his side.  Eli lead the process of his Dad's passing and had to internalize his grief to help his mother and other family members get through this huge void.  Eli's father was his biggest fan of his art.  Prior to his passing, Eli's father insisted that Eli Jr. get back to his God given talent of painting.  "you have to get back to it!  Its been long enough, son", he said.  Eli buried his father at the National Veterans Cemetery in Arlington Texas.  He retired home to Indiana and found himself heartsick and broken from the loss of his father.  "its an every day battle with grief that pops up out of nowhere", Eli says.  After a few months of grieving and reflecting, Eli had a H U G E burst of creativity and painting ideas.  He pulled out his paints and brushes and began.  What he painted was different.  His abstracts were most magical as most have human type figures and faces that show up out of no where.  Eli's landscapes are full of spirit and many depict places in Eli's mind that he escapes to to remember his father and at times have a chat.  Eli is back and his art shows a vivid spirit and peace and majesty of nature.  His abstract are obvious sceans of Eli's subconscious placed on canvas.


Eli now paints full time and continues to receive accolades of praise and compliments on his painting. Each day that goes by.  Eli continues his forward journey in his art adding to where he left off, poular in the art collector's world and being highlighted in news publications such as the Dallas Morning New and the front page of The Star Telegram. Magazines such as Valiente Fashion Magazine, ArtAffairs magazine, ASW Art Supply Magazine, The Dallas Advocate Magazine etc, have also highlighted Eli and his work. In 2001, Eli was honored by a request from the 2001 Presidential Inaugural Committee for him to paint a painting for President Bush and Vice President Cheney. These paintings were presented at the Inuagural Gala in Washington DC. He was called back to the White House by the committee to present yet another painting to Chief Council Al Gonzales. Cheverolet recently chose Eli as one of 25 artists selected nationwide to paint the new Chevy SSR within one of his landscapes. His painting was highlighted in Orlando Florida along with one of the first built SSRs.

Eli has a strong support group that is always there for him. Special thanks to his Mom and Dad , his awesome sister, Shelly, and his partner Rich Hill...Eli's constant inspiration.  "I'm finally where I need to be," says the once fulltime Office Manager/bookkeeper. "....sharing with the world the blessing bestowed on us all...the beauty of nature." Numerous works by Eli are in private collections around the World.  Having Eli's Gallery and Framery at the Village Green has put an excitment in the air in Brown County. If you're in the area - please visit us at our new gallery. As the saying goes - SEEING IS BELIEVING!!!